Get Real has been working with young people , carers and industry professionals for 15 years.  Founded by Tamsyn Rosenberg in 2006 Get Real has been revolutionizing how we understand emotional resilience and empowerment. Using pioneering process work and techniques we’ve changed the way young people live, engage and lead in their communities. Wake up to true potential & authentic motivation, from the inside out.

We teach the tools to pass forward, to use in the context of the everyday and not just a one stop seminar setting. We’ve trained psychologists, teachers and youth justice professionals to blend these powerful tools into their work as well as empowering young people to work with them in their daily lives. This is particularly powerful in preventing disengagement and emotional shut down by learning to allow emotions safely and  healthily in stressful situations. This work is powerful, simple and revolutionary. It will blow your mind what’s possible.

Get Real is an organsiation whose time has come. Now more than ever these tools are essential for healthy emotional growth transitioning young people into an increasingly volatile world.

Everyone benefits from this work,


ALIVE Project & Sustainability

ALIVE project is Get Real’s sister Charity founded in 2015 this community driven organisation allows access to life changing and saving programs and support.  Our network connections with corporate funding means we can partner with charitable organisations like ALIVE and other service providers to help those at risk of Mental Illness.

Get Real and ALIVE both operate as carbon neutral organisations with funding being allocated to GreenFleet, our favorite people committed to keeping us green.  We also use “Who Gives a Crap” and Thank you Water and use sustainable and ‘give back’ brands and resources for all events, head offices and site locations.  Thank you for helping us live our values while doing great things!