I’m Tamsyn Rose and I’m a total HUMAN DEVELOPMENT JUNKIE! I love the way the human brain develops, how our personalities and Ego evolve. I have spent a whole lifetime studying it, and using that learning to FREE MY SELF AND OTHERS in these natural processes.    I created Get Real International to inspire a movement of change in youth, families and communities worldwide.  It’s a dream come true getTamcircleting to work this way every day.  My purpose is empowering you with the understanding of how you operate –  giving you an operating manual to existence, and helping you learn how to use it.

Thriving with individuals, families and growing organisations for more than 10 years through the use of my unique and POWERFUL TOOLKIT I will help you master your life – and consciously CREATE A WORLD YOU LOVE TO LIVE IN!

I’ve discovered the renewing power available in what I call becoming FASCINATED and FINISHED with the crap that runs the show. When I watch people realise what is driving much of what they call their life, it puts the power back in your hands to make FREE and WISE choices about how this life is going to show up for you.  It will flip your world RIDE SIDE UP!

This is a process of subtraction, life has got so incredible pressured, so increasingly busy, and we move with the flow of that tidal wave letting it take more and more of our life without really checking if it’s what we want.

So together we SIMPLIFY we discover the crucial elements of your life that bring joy, we build on these organically. Letting them become the new foundation upon which you CREATE A WORLD YOU LOVE TO LIVE IN.

Contact me for any further information about my Evolve coaching programs, events and keynote speaking.  I look forward to getting started together!

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