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Leadership Fasttrack Program


Our new Leadership Fasttrack Program is something we have been working on for quite some time. We wanted to create opportunity for our young people to experience exponential growth in only 12 months! We wanted this program to be fun, have a sense of community, and be accessible for all! This program has numerous inclusions and we cannot wait for our monthly mentoring circles together! This program is open to all young people including first time clients, NDIS participants or young carers funded through the Carer Gateway. Our next camp is in September, and we only have 2 places [...]

Leadership Fasttrack Program2023-08-30T09:35:26+10:00

Navigating the minefield of your mind


Overcoming anxiety, depression and too much mind chatter really is possible, it happens every day and the answer is right here… It is so easy to get completely lost in the minefield of mind. You can just be sitting there, minding your own business, and before you know it a thought arises that pulls you off in a direction, and before you know it you are lost in some emotion, and from there you start wondering what that feeling is all about…. And this can continue to lead you around unconsciously from one thought to another until you [...]

Navigating the minefield of your mind2023-03-10T08:24:23+11:00

Way more than a bucket list


I can’t believe that this week I turn 40! I feel so very young and life really is just beginning. At a time like this I always find myself feeling a little reflective, asking myself if I’m fulfilled in the way I’m choosing to experience life and what I fill it with. I think of the old bucket list idea, and I put my own spin on it. I’m going to share with you this simple method of creating real change QUICK. So grab a pen and paper and take time to take check – you will be [...]

Way more than a bucket list2023-03-30T05:12:18+11:00

Be passionate for personal reasons


I really didn’t like the word ‘passion’. The sound of the word drums up mental imagery of self-promoting attention seekers peddling their unrequested resume whilst engulfed in atmosphere invading scent of potpourri that leaves a plastic slick in your mouth. About a week ago, I was talking to a training buddy about his plans of getting a full arm tattoo soon. He described a standard issued yakuza package of koi and dragons. I told him about a chef called Sean Brock that has the most amazing full arm tattoo made up of sliced radish, basil leaves and just [...]

Be passionate for personal reasons2023-03-10T08:24:41+11:00

What this soil nerd has taught me about your kids…


Tam is an avid gardener. It is clear watching her tend to her vegetables and herbs that she is not only feeding the endless depths of her family’s tummies, she is also feeding a very primal instinct she acquired from her bloodline of farmers. As a dirt nerd, she immediately enchanted me with her fierce survival instinct as a person and independence from the retail era. During our early dating days, she would suggest Bunnings dates (yes, she is the perfect woman), usually to buy manure for a new garden bed. With the sheep’s collective digestion in the [...]

What this soil nerd has taught me about your kids…2023-03-10T08:24:49+11:00


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