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Leadership from the inside out, empowering young people to move into leadership from a place of self sufficiency and emotional empowerment while enjoying natural respite.

For more information on how we can work with your school, team or business, contact Get Real’s Head Office: (07) 3388 1207 | info@getrealinternational.com

We are NDIS ready, and your NDIS funding can be used with all of our programs.

More about the camp

This epic three day adventure camp is a celebration of our growing community of inspirational youth. We focus on leadership training, real life skills, communication and  goal setting. Empowering teens with clear purpose and direction. The camps are a combination of adventure, self development and can be combined with Equine Empowerment in our riding centres.We teach how to lead from the confidence and clarity they find from within.  All whilst having the time of their lives!

They will learn:

  • How to better manage stress and anger
  • Set exciting life goals and nail them!
  • Communicate like a pro
  • Resolve conflict and overcome differences
  • Lead with confidence, starting from within
  • Manage the tough times and negative self-talk
  • Play to their strengths
  • Learn from their peers to be the best version of themselves
  • How to become an active part of their family and community  
  • Self management and mastery of emotional states and behaviour choices  
  • Finally moving them forward with clear direction, focus, understanding of their values and how to be empowered in their lives