Get flipped right side up – totally shift your relationship with emotion…

Ever wondered what really contributes to our emotional health.  Why one day can we be on top of the world, and the next deep at the bottom of the ocean!  Know what I’m talking about? 🙂 So let’s chat about it, what can really help? It’s such a great time to look at it – especially as we come into the time of year where we consider goals, life changes and creating shifts. This is the BEST gift I can give you… so pay attention 😉 

There are a few really basic and key factors to take into account. One being your physical body – how healthy or unhealthy this is. This has one of the largest impacts on our Emotional well-being… at all ages! So yes, I’M SPEAKING TO YOU, mum and dad, and to the teens, and the kids… this really applies to us all. Being a new year, and a new beginning I felt to touch on this, and see if we can support each other in taking better care of these bodies of ours. In turn you will find your emotional world can respond in a healthier way too.

Things to consider;

  • Get some exercise a few times a week, a walk, get out in the garden, dance like a crazy person around the house, go for a swim… just get the body moving! I know when we do this with young people, it really allows the old stale emotions to work their way out of our bodies. Movement and exercise is one of the greatest ways to FEEL ALIVE, and to get really switched on in your life.
  • Our diet has a very large part to play in our emotional ups and downs. Sugars, preservatives, processed foods, energy/caffeinated drinks, toxins, all take their toll on our bodies. Try lay off these things for a few weeks, and replace them with as much raw food as possible, raw fruits and veggies – LIVING FOODS! Even try mixing all your greens, with a juicy mango and banana into a milkshake once a day… you’ll be amazed at the difference in your energy levels. This also allows your emotions to balance out, and get off the roller-coaster that can be caused by all the artificial stuff we tend to consume. Just give it a try for 3 weeks, and notice how it feels in your body… I dare ya! 

When we take care of our physical bodies it gives everything else the best chance possible. Our brain function, thought process, our ‘bliss chemicals’ are at optimum levels, and we are in overall better emotional states.  Then we can practice getting better at the things that help us in all areas of our life and relationships. Once your body is in the best possible state it can be in, then you can take a look externally and improve your relationship with yourself and others through;

  •  Open communication is key in letting us be free in our daily lives. If we speak about what we are going through, what we are struggling with, what we need help with, what we are sorry for, what we don’t like… well we don’t have to lug it around with us letting it weigh us down. SPEAK UP… share what’s going on in your world. If you really do that, you will find you are surrounded with more and more genuine friends who care. Let each other in… let’s be here for each other, we all need it. For those of you that have been along to the Get Real programmes, support each other with process work, help each other let go of the stuff that is limiting you. Make the most of your skill set and BE FREE!
  • Have compassion for each other. We are all human, as parents we are often stumbling through the dark, feeling like big kids ourselves trying to figure it all out along the way. As teens our bodies are being flooded with change, hormonal change, environmental change, global and family change, becoming adults – whatever that means 🙂 – change… and it can be a very difficult time. BE UNDERSTANDING, cut each other some slack… and ask for help, even when you don’t know what you need. Most of all Keep It Real! If we can be real with each other, no matter what we are meeting in life, you will have all the help and resources you need to make it through.
  • Notice what brings you joy – REAL JOY! This is different to fleeting; temporary satisfaction… what I’m speaking of is real, lasting, deeply rooted joy. I find these things catch me by surprise, without planning it – there I am in total joy! Discover what these things are for you, and let yourself experience more of it. This is what Get Real is for me, it’s a reflection of all the things in which I experience deep last joy. Then some magic can happen in that. You may experience this dancing around the living room when no-one is watching, or supporting someone through a hard time, or just watching someone enjoy life … whatever it is for you, take notice, and allow more of it in your life. Life is filled with these simple, unplanned moments of deep joy… just waiting for us to notice them, to open them. Stay very present, and you will begin to notice them in the normal moments in life. Whatever the outside circumstances of our lives, this joy is underlying all of that, and untouched by any of it… check it out for yourselves, and share what you discover.

Stay very present – share what you discover


Look forward to witnessing your magic people!

Love Tam




5 Comments on “Get flipped right side up – totally shift your relationship with emotion…”

  1. Hi tam..not sure if this is book feedback??? I think it is..maybe that needs to b clearer..I cannot c any link to nature here…I believe that is a missing fundamental for yp (and everyone)today..amt of .screen time and indoor time vs time and oppirtunity for nature based exploration and experience. Richard louve has coined the phrase nature deficit disorder. .maybe u can lightly weave in connect to nature..give her a go ..if that is there for u…think of how extra awesome we feel after a swim in the ocean…cloud ..moon..or star gazing…staring into the flames of fire…walking in the garden..a gardening session etc…and another radical thought..what about unpluggi ng from violence for a, viloent games, movies..desinitising media?? And what about taking tiny steps to live a we bit more in truth every day for a does that make u feel?? I notice so many lies from yp..and older peeps…like its the ok norm xxx love your work xxx ana xxx

    1. Thank you Ana, that is perfect! Yes this is where I will post sections from the chapters for us all to read, try, respond to, share our experiences, ask questions about the ways it worked or didn’t… so this is just the beginning… I take every bit of feedback, and work it in if it’s not already been addressed through the rest of the book. This will all be happening over the next few months before the book goes to final editing stages. One lady has already written about ongoing anxiety and how to deal with that, another on step parent relationship… so these will be chapters added to the books. I love the idea of this book being interactive, and a platform to be able to ask for specific help, as well as the content that’s already here, thank you for your feedback ana… I will work it in 🙂 With thanks, Tam xo

  2. I love this chapter a lot, it is filled with great and simple advice that all age groups can relate to. This means that not only can parents read this and take advice from it but teenagers can do this as well. This advice is great and straight to the point- no garbling or random rubbish which makes it a whole lot easier to follow and read.

    1. Wonderful! So glad you got a lot out of it… I got your question while I was writing the book to about quietening the mind… so I’m doing a chapter for you Brianna, and I’ll get it up next… so keep your eye out for it hon, it’s for you! xo

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