“Some problems I didn’t have the tools to deal with, or the time or the case management and the people that did were the get real program…”

Listen to what carers and youth professionals are saying about Get Real and the results they’ve achieved working with us.


“As a practicing psychologist, I believe that in all my years of training I have found the skills I have learned working with  Get Real Director Tamsyn Rosenberg, to be the most powerful in helping clients get in touch with their deepest and most intense emotions.  To me, processing these wounds, which are often long-held, is essential for psychological healing to occur.”
Dr. Susan Conway
PhDPsych, BAppPsych(Hons), BBehSci,
GradDipCouns, CertPsychReg, MAPS

This was a magical program, I am feeling so much lighter and vibrant. These tools will really help me support the youth that I work with, and help them achieve so much in many areas of their lives.

Mark – Youth Worker

AWESOME! This program gives you support like no other, to really be you without any judgment from anyone, including yourself! This has helped me see the kids I work with differently, and helped them see more in themselves…

Rob Teacher and Youth Worker

I now have a clear understanding of myself and my family. The tools I learned help me better understand my kids, and really be able to help them make positive changes and live the best life they can.

Jill – Mother