This is one of the most exciting ways to work through limitations, understand thoughts and how they affect your life, to reach your full potential.

School Holiday 1 day Event or private 1-1 coaching and riding experience: Introduction to Equine Empowerment.

  • Introduction to riding and caring for horses
  • Managing thoughts and beliefs that limit you
  • Develop better relationship skills and grow trust
  • Gain control of emotions that stop you like fear and anxiousness
  • Fostering responsibility and independence
  • Grow in confidence for all areas of life

We are proud to partner with Approved Equestrian Centres across Australia to bring you a very safe, and powerful way of discovering your full potential and grow past your limits.  Equine Empowerment is a combination of Natural Horsemanship play, equine-based life lessons, practical riding instruction for all levels, and horse connection and care.

These programs are offering in private coaching and small group events.

We are NDIS ready, and your NDIS funding can be used with all of our programs.  Please contact our NDIS planner to discuss your support package now.

For more information on how we can work with your school, team, family or child through Equine Empowerment contact Get Real’s Head Office.

(07) 3388 1207
0499 007 202

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