We understand how busy schools are and the pressures of one of the toughest environments.

Leaders for positive change with school bullying, relations between students and student performance and focus.

Our programs address issues like social media pressure, self-esteem and confidence, stress management, Wellbeing, behavior, success training and student engagement.  We specialise in programs that prepare young people to move into leadership positions in both primary and secondary grades.

We encourage key staff to participate in school programs and provide Train-the-trainer and Professional Development training days direct to teaching and support staff.  School groups are also able to access our Equine Empowerment programs and BJJ Movement Mindset workshops.

Contact us for a full Scope of Works and to discuss tailored support for your school.

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Available as Full Day, Half Day &
Keynote Presentation Formats.

  • Stay in School pilot program focusing on empowering at risk year 10 students to return to non-compulsory year 11.
  • Professional development programs for teachers, carers & parents supporting kids & teens.
  • Partnership with guidance councilors & chaplains.
  • LLF 12 Module workshops for student groups
  • Welfare Support and Case Management
  • Empowerment & leadership camps for teens aged 12-18yrs

For more information on how we can work with your school, team or business contact Get Real’s Head Office.

(07) 3388 1207

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