“I have no confidence” it’s not really a thing!!

I hear so often these words, almost as an excuse why someone can’t or won’t do something.  I really want to bust this LIE OPEN!   CONFIDENCE DOESN’T EXIST!!!  It is simply a chunk of experience, having the courage to get out of your comfort zone even when its super scary, and give it a go!

Don’t wait for this visitor called confidence before you take action, that’s not how it works.  The cycle looks more like this:

Confidence grow it.

THE TRUTH IS the choice is yours!  If you chose to take action, to take a leap of faith into the dark, into the unknown, uncertain and just JUMP you will grow in confidence automatically just through having the courage to give it a go.  Chances are you will also grow in ability, and that in turn will help your confidence grow.  The more times you JUMP into ACTION the greater your confidence will be in your life, your abilities and most importantly YOURSELF!  On the flip side, the more wall staring, and shrinking back, hesitating and doubting yourself you CHOOSE TO FOLLOW the more your lack of ‘confidence’ will grow.  Whatever you spend time on and practice – you will become good at.  If you practice doubting yourself, and hesitating, you become good at that… and the opposite is also true!  Practice success until you FEEL IT… and do it NOW!!  This is great news… it means it’s all up to you!!!

Action creates friction, which in turn generates it’s own ‘heat’ or energy… and this energy can be shared.  So row in boats with like company.  Make sure you dance with other action takers.  You will be a great support and inspiration to each other!


So did you catch that?!  CONFIDENCE ISN’T REALLY A THING!!! It’s just a heap of JUMPING, LEAPING into ACTION and growing experience and that’s what grows CONFIDENCE!!!

Here’s what can help…

  • Visualise the result you want before you try -harness the power of your mind to choose your thoughts carefully and visualise your wins.
  • Write your goal down – it increases your chances of success massively.  In a really interesting Harvard study they discovered that only 3% of students actually wrote their goals down, and after 10 years this 3% were on average earning 10 times as much as the other 97% of the class combined! Write it down!
  • Make a plan as what steps are needed
  • Burn your obstacles
  • Ask for help
  • LEAP!!!! Don’t wait for everything to feel right.  Adrenalin is your bodies natural chemical reaction to spring you into ACTION, and as it’s released in the body it feels exactly like fear.  It’s not fear, it’s a CALL TO ACTION!  Your body is helping you move – so just get going, and it will feel better and better as you move towards your goal.
  • Be your own coach – give yourself a pep talk all the way “you got this, you can do this, I’m so proud of myself for trying, let’s go!”
  • Celebrate every little achievement, even the ones that look like backwards steps.  Real progress has backward, sideways and forward steps… like DANCING!  So be prepared to dance your way through your life, and don’t leave the dance floor before the song is finished!!!
  • Stay focused!  Wherever you look that is where you will head, so keep your eyes and heart focused forward… and that the direction you will move!
  • Remember the best is yet to come… always see that tomorrow the sun is coming out, you have a fresh opportunity ever day.  No matter what yesterday looked like today is all that matters, it’s all that is real.  So get up, dust yourself off, redirect if you need to, and LEAP AGAIN!

There is no short-cutting this, it’s a natural law of life.  To grow – you must be willing to leap.  You can have so much fun leaping and dancing through this amazing life you are living.  ENJOY THE RIDE!

PS… The time is NOW… TODAY…
So here’s your space, write something down… what is your next LEAP?


See you on the dance floor,
Love Tam



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