#LLF The Movement book launch is here!

“I am so thrilled to finally be able to share my life’s work with you.  6 years ago I began putting in writing everything I was learning about living the best quality life a young person can, and how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a completely happy life.  This is the end result, and I can’t wait to get a copy in your hands.  I hope this brings you as much fulfillment as I intended when I began this process, that it helps you unlock the keys to your self.  I look forward to sharing the walk with you.  The world needs you to be all you can be.  Finally here is the HOW.    Tamsyn Rose

Life is hard enough when you’re a teenager and are finding your way in the world. It’s even more difficult if you are struggling with things like depression, lack of focus, stress, anxiety, anger, or a feeling of being lost in the world.

In #LLF The Movement, author Tamsyn Rose presents a step-by-step guide for you as a teenager to navigate your way through life and make a change for the better. She offers powerful teachings that encourage you to achieve your full potential.

#LLF The Movement helps you:

• get more of what you want;
• deal with every emotion and make it a strength;
• heal from the past and really move on;
• control your thoughts and beliefs and get them on your side;  
• create a life you are excited to live;

Discussing twelve life hacks, #LLF The Movement reveals the strategies for a movement for real and lasting change. It shows you how to master your life, your fears, emotions, and what you think. Rather than being controlled by the ups and downs of life, you can learn to make these work for you. To change the world around you, it must begin with you.

“I have found the skills I have learned in this book to be the most powerful in helping clients get in touch with their deepest and most intense emotions ….” —Dr. Susan Conway, PhD Psychology

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4 Comments on “#LLF The Movement book launch is here!”

  1. Just received my second book. The first one initially for my 11.y.o. but I realised as I read through that I can benefit immensely from it too, therefore ordered the second book. I penciled through the exercises as it’s kinda like a workbook, interactive to the reader. I recommend this book at the bottom of my heart. Thanks Tam. As a teacher, our youth nowadays are in need of guidance more than any other period of time.

    1. Cenly, I’m so glad you and the family are getting great us out of this, it’s such an exciting and scary time all at once, I hope it’s a great help for your 11yr old as they get ready for the change to high school xo

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