How to design your life, one goal at a time.

design your life a goal at a time

Have you had the experience of setting goals and resolutions that never happen? It’s pretty common and it can be so discouraging. Each time you try and don’t succeed, will leave you less equipped to begin again, with the belief in yourself to make it happen. We all know what it’s like to start out with a good intention. We hit the … Read More

“I have no confidence” it’s not really a thing!!

_I have no confidence

I hear so often these words, almost as an excuse why someone can’t or won’t do something.  I really want to bust this LIE OPEN!   CONFIDENCE DOESN’T EXIST!!!  It is simply a chunk of experience, having the courage to get out of your comfort zone even when its super scary, and give it a go! Don’t wait for this visitor … Read More