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These support programs are tailor made in collaboration with families and case workers to create an action plan to achieve the goals and objectives needed to help your family thrive. Delivered in-home with our experienced case workers, social workers and specialist team, either one-on-one with an engaged parent/carer or with the entire family.

For more information on how we can work with your school, team or business, contact Get Real’s Head Office: (07) 3388 1207 | info@getrealinternational.com

More about the program

First we explore what specific challenges you’re facing and what you have tried in the past and together establish an action plan to resolve these issues and move the individual members of the family and the family as a whole into healthier and happier relationships. Your Get Real coach will take you through our evidence based parenting Get Real Institute program.

In your sessions you will focus on:

  • Overcoming conflict 
  • Establishing family values 
  • Working on boundaries and discipline 
  • Dealing with addiction 
  • Managing boundaries around technology and gaming 
  • Couples and family counselling 
  • Family behaviour agreements
  • Implementation of routines, structure and systems working with complex needs 
  • Stress management and burnout 
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Mental health concerns 
  • Disability supports 
  • Working with families with lived experience of domestic violence 
  • Self-care
  • Structuring supports for the care recipient 
  • Connection in the community or other services
  • Respite from a caring role