“I’ve gained amazing life skills, amazing social skills and overall happiness…..it was so amazing”

Listen to what our young people are saying about their experience with Get Real, how it changed their lives and what it means to them.


I am so grateful for the weekend I have spent on the Get Real camp, you have helped me become me and not just something my friends want me to be.  This would have to be the best gift anyone can give to someone like me.  I am honored to have spent the time together that we had.  You have helped me so much in the three days in which you showed me the world and who I am.


Before Get Real I was self harming and hating life.  I now have the realisation that I am better than that.  I’m not just my body, I am not my thoughts.  I have Tam to thank, she does everything gracefully and with love.

Ellie Young

Coming to Get Real has changed my life.  The first time I came to these camps I was a troubled child and learning these tools has helped me change the way I see things and act.  It has helped me stand up for who I am. It is because of Tam and Get Real that I am like I am today…. It wasn’t them that changed me, but it allowed me to change myself.

Sami Wait
I loved it!  I learned how to accept where people are at and how their stuff effects the way we act and express ourselves.  I feel I have the power in me to stop judging people when I first meet them… when I finally let my armor soften and fall away, I felt calm and excited because I know that now I am allowing myself to develop and really connect with people in a deeper way.  I went deeper and deeper into me.  Thank you for how you have given your whole hearts to helping me and all of us!  I enjoyed releasing and facing problems that I had, it felt good to let out so much that I think I had locked away.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Amalia Fulton
“My experience here has been great!  I have really enjoyed it.  It’s something new and I’m definitely coming back!! ☺  …I  uncovered something I through wasn’t an issue anymore… but it obviously was.  I’ve realised a lot about myself.  There was a lot of self pity and self judgement and negativity towards myself and the way I think about myself it was SO surreal!  I am truly inspired and will most definitely continue on forever and ever and ever!  For sure! ☺” ~ Mandi Swords

“It’s been so great to realize that I don’t need to be like everyone else.  It’s heaps of fun… Thanks for the experience.”

Emily Williams

This was the all time BEST experience of my life so far.  I loved the trust activities- I loved all the activities!  I loved having time to hang out with each other – making a second family.  The coaches were awesome they were always there when you needed them… thank you so much!”

Sarah Christiansen
“This weekend was AWESOME!!!  When I came to this camp I was stressed out a lot and wasn’t connected with my inner self very well.  I hid my true self under layers of insecurity.  Now I have ripped these layers away and have realised what sort of person I really am and that what I have been doing wasn’t really being myself.  I loved this experience in all ways the only thing I could improve on was myself.  I have been told that I’m beautiful, innocent, fun, persistent, loving, and a courageous, strong person.  I have sorted out some issues that will really help me in life. ~ Istrael Needham